Living Our Strengths


“Living Our Strengths”


Many people ask: Am I doing what God wants of me?  We pray about it all our lives.


The book, Living Your Strengths, the Catholic version, includes many Bible verses that pertain directly to God’s expectations for prayer, almsgiving and stewardship. It is written, in part by Albert Winseman who has a Doctor of Ministry.


He makes the evidence abundantly clear. When individuals engage in activities that come easily (talents), they do more.  Time flies. They feel energized, engaged and fulfilled.  When this happens, be it within a family, a church or a community, people feel a sense of belonging and value. Talents become strengths the more they are utilized. A strength is the ability to provide near-perfect performance in a specific task.


The idea of bringing this Strengths process, here, to Sacred Heart, is to help parishioners

  • identify their top five talents through an online assessment tool,
  • read about how these can be nourished and strengthened, and
  • observe how stewardship and energy within the parish community flourishes over time.

You already see signs of this with

  • Strength terms posted on walls,
  • Invitations to meet with Mary between the hours of 10 am to 2 pm on Mondays at the Parish Office, and
  • scheduled workshops 

Soon you will see references to Strengths in the bulletin, within homilies, and among parishioners who are sharing their assessment results.  The buzz has begun.

A talent is the innate ability to perform a task with ease. The more a talent is used, it becomes a strength, a near perfect performance.


Call the Parish Office at 360-491-0890 for more information. Help life go right” by taking this first step.


Mary Randall is available each Monday from 10 am to 2 pm at the Parish Office for one-hour sessions. Please call the Parish Office at 360-491-0890 to make an appointment.

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